Sep 282011

I saw this one on the web today, it makes the point quite clear.


Working a business does require you to get out of your comfort zone, and as you can see it is the things outside the comfort zone that you want to achieve.

Now get out of that comfort zone, and obtain your dreams.

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May 252011

Who do you know ??? We (your upline support team) would like to know !!! Whether you’re new in the business or you’ve been in for a while, your upline support team would like to help kick-start your new vehicle on the road to financial success. If you take action, you’ll find the network marketing business to be very powerful when you work as a cohesive team…you’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Putting together your names (prospect) list is the first, but most important step. These names that you list below should be: people that you know to some degree, and/or; they have a need for a change, and/or; their timing is right or they’re searching for an income opportunity, and/or; they know a lot of people, and/or; they are leaders in their sphere of influence, and/or; they have talents that are conducive to business. Don’t be afraid to include your “CHICKEN LIST”. This list would be people that you may be apprehensive about talking to about the business for whatever reason. Your upline support team will help you with this list.

Your immediate plan of action is to prepare a names list of 60 candidates or more for you business. You will notice that there are stars next to the top 10 names. These should be your best candidates (people you want the most). Your upline support team will commit to helping you with the starred top 10 names so that they can both teach you important recruiting techniques as well as help you get these people into your organization. It is important that you prepare the list promptly so that your upline can begin working with you. Make it your goal to complete this list within 3 to 7 days after beginning your business. After your list is completed, follow up with your sponsor and give him/her a copy of this list. Your sponsor will review this list with you and will keep a copy of this list for his/her records as well as a carbon copy of your list to key upline leaders for their records.

At this point, it’s time to start calling your candidates. Remember…you’re a professional “sorter” in this business, not a “convincer”… “sorting” through your candidates whose timing is right. You will want to make 3 way calls with your upline with the top 10 list, introduce them to their business (2 minute commercial), peak their interest (don’t satisfy it), and book appointments. The more calls you make and the faster you call all of them…the quicker your start. With the help of your upline, determine how each candidate will be approached (i.e. 3 way call, opinion/evaluation approach, direct approach, indirect approach, product approach, video approach, referral approach, etc.) and what setting will the booked appointment take place (one-on-one, two-on-one, home presentation, hotel meeting, etc.). IT’S TIME TO GET STARTED !!!


  1. If a candidate shows a resistance to taking a look at the business, always use the video approach. This dramatically increases your chances of getting a skeptical candidate to at least get a strong look at the business. After they watch the video(s), pick the video(s) back up, answer their questions, and book a follow up meeting to discuss the business in more detail.
  2. Make sure that you have as many names and phone numbers of your upline as possible. They are your support system…communicate with them consistently…they are a great source of information. For the first month, you should communicate with your sponsor at least 2 to 3 times per week. You should also communicate with upline Executive Coordinator at least once a week.
  3. Though your upline, quickly become aware of all meetings being done by your upline in your area (home presentations and hotel meetings). These will be a very instrumental tool to building your business. Even if you may not have prospects to bring to a meeting(s) anyway. The more exposure you have to the business, the more you learn, the faster you grow.

Success results when preparedness (your prospect) and opportunity (what you can offer) meet. Select those who are prepared – those who have a POSITIVE ATTITUDE (a must), who are respected and ambitious, and who are on your level or above.

Most often, the more successful a person is already, the quicker they are to see the tremendous opportunity that Ambit Energy has to offer. Remember, you are doing them a favor – they are not doing you a favor. You are offering them the opportunity for financial freedom and the realization of their dreams.

Be sure not to prejudge people. When you think, “oh, they wouldn’t be interested,” you have just made a decision for that person. A decision that deprives them of one of the greatest opportunities this country has to offer. Give them the freedom to decide. Then, they can never say that you didn’t give them a chance. Many will thank you for the rest of their lives. Prejudging can cost you more than you can imagine – in time, effort, and MONEY!

MORE: Ambit Namelist Making ( pdf )

May 102011

One of the great things about owning your own Ambit Energy business is that it’s perfect for introducing to people you already know — or your “warm market.”

But regardless of how many people you know, you can always expand your “ambit” (or “sphere of influence”). Here are a few ways to get more connected:

  • Have fun. Join groups that share your hobbies/interests. From stamp collecting fans (philatelists) to rock climbers, there are plenty of opportunities to meet people, make friends and share the Opportunity.
  • Get local. Sign up with your area’s Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau and any kind of economic development organization — it’s a great way to meet other entrepreneurs and new residents.
  • Help the community. There are plenty of service organizations to choose from — the Rotary Club, local charities, youth sports and religious groups are just some of your options. You can do well and do business at the same time!

So open you up to new opportunities— and you’ll find that you’ve opened up to more business-growing opportunities as well!

Apr 282011


It’s right there in the title: Ambit Energy “Independent” Consultant.

But as we all know, one of the most important keys to success is your team. And while you rely on others to help you grow your business, it’s also your job to help them to take advantage of the Ambit Opportunity.

Some people may need a little help, others may need a lot. A few tips on working with your team members:

  • Spend your time wisely. There are only so many hours in a day — especially if you’re still working part-time. Make sure you’re giving the right amount of time to the people who need it.
  • Coach them well — and be willing to be coached as well. Your team should be full of coachable people — yourself included! Remember that even professional athletes and actors work with coaches every day.
  • Use the 5:1 ratio. Professional sports coaches and mental health professionals all agree that it’s best to give 5 compliments for every 1 criticism. We remember the “bad” more than the “good” — so the more “good” you can share, the better.
  • Build a support system. It can’t ALL be on your shoulders. Delegate to others within your organization to foster an atmosphere of teamwork.
  • Help others help themselves. We all know the “teaches a man to fish” adage. Funny thing is…it’s true!

From the bottom up, every person in your organization is important. Make sure that they all feel supported and encouraged — and as they achieve successes, you will too!

Apr 192011

Ask any top Ambit Energy Consultant, and they’ll tell you that they owe everything to their team. So it makes sense that every Consultant wants to find the best possible prospects to add to that team.

The great thing about this business is that the Ambit Opportunity is one that people from all walks of life can do — and do well. But it’s important to look for certain characteristics to find the best prospects:

  • Someone who’s already successful. If they have network marketing experience, that’s great. If not, look for people who are self-starters with business experience and an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Someone nice. Friendly, fun, charismatic people usually do very well with our Opportunity — especially if they know the difference between “persistent” and “aggressive.”
  • Someone with motivation. You know what your “Why” is. When you find people with big “WHYs” of their own — whether it’s saving for a college education, paying off debt, planning for retirement or some other reason — you know that they’ll focus on making their business a success.
  • Someone who can be a team player. Like we said at the beginning, it’s all about the team. Understanding that we all need help — and we all need to help others — is a key learning for every Ambit Consultant.

So, as you grow your business and add people to your team, look for people who fit these criteria — and you’ll all begin to succeed together!

NEXT WEEK: Your Team, Part 2: Success Through Others

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Feb 272011

1. Right Company.

Say to your Prospect, “I want you to ask yourself, ‘Is the right company?’ Now, before you answer, consider these things.”

Then review the following information with your prospect:

  • Ambit Energy has experienced leadership and financial strength.
  • Jere Thompson, Jr., Co-founder and CEO
    • Family integrity, previous experience founding a rapid-growth company.
  • Chris Chambless, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer
    • Prime mover at Excel Communications, key driver in growing to $1 billion in seven years.
  • Well-established
    • Licensed to sell energy
    • Powerful systems for buying energy
  • Government bodies ensure the reliability of residential energy service:
    • Electricity Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT).
    • New York State Public Service Commission (PSC).
    • Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC).

2 Right Time.

Say to your prospect, “Now ask yourself, ‘Is it the right time?’ Before you answer, consider this.”

Review this with your Prospect:

  • Deregulation of electricity only happens once. In Texas, we’re in the first state to do it right, and in a position to roll out across the entire country. We’ve already opened in New York and Illinois, and more states are on the way.

3. Right Product.

Ask your product, “Is it the right product? Who do you know that uses electricity?”

Review this:

  • Electricity is the first bill most people pay each month.
  • Nationwide, this is a $400-Billion-dollar industry: $24 billion in Texas, $10 billion in New York and $2.4 billion in Illinois!
  • Electricity is the perfect auto-ship product!

4. Right Compensation Plan.

Ask your prospect, “Is it the right pay plan?”

Review this information:

  • It’s a coded pay plan, You get paid for what you start – for what you set in motion.
  • The 5-2-6 Building Block enables simple duplication.
  • You can build true residual income to unlimited levels.
  • It all adds up to major cash.

5. Right Systems, Tools and Support.

“Do we have the right systems, tools and support?”

Say YES before your prospect answers, the talk about these things:

  • Powerful back office: Power Zone with the Ambit University Portal
  • Numerous targeted marketing websites and our world-class team.
  • Any person with ambition can be trained and succeed quickly.
  • Using your personal Consultant website, Ambit’s business-building system and education programs, you can create success immediately following a duplicatable system.
  • Leadership from multiple, top 7-figure income earners in the industry.


  • You: “Does all of this make sense to you?”
  • Prospect: “Yes.”
  • You: “Dose that mean you’re ready to start?”
  • Prospect: “Yes.”
  • You: Get their info and sign them up!
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Feb 252011

So you’ve established your list of prospects — or as we called it in last week’s Marketing 101 — your “inventory.”

And now it’s time to get that list working for you!

To get started, invite your prospects to take a look at the Ambit Opportunity and see if they might be interested in a second income stream by starting their own business.

At this point, a lot of people make a critical mistake — they call up the prospect, and begin telling him/her everything they know about Ambit. And all about energy deregulation. And customer plans. And the compensation plan. And what they had for lunch. (That’s definitely optional.)

But what happens — typically — is that the prospect gets so overwhelmed with information that it becomes hard to “see the forest for the trees.”

Remember, at this point you’re only inviting the prospect to take a look at the Opportunity — it’s likely that you may not get them to sign up on that first contact. That’s why Ambit has put together proven tools to present the Opportunity for you or supplement your own presentation:, Energy526, our DVDs and live Business Presentations.

But first, a great way to lead into the invitation is to ask your prospect these three questions:

  1. How many people do you know who use electricity or natural gas?
  2. How many of them would like to pay less — or even get their energy for free?
  3. Would it be worth 20 minutes of your time to watch a couple of videos on a website or DVD?

Once they agree to watch the presentation, make sure you set an appointment to follow up with them. Just move forward through the sales process at a pace that’s comfortable for both you and the prospect. (Don’t rush things — but don’t wait too long between contacts, either!)

For more details, be sure to watch the Invitation and Presentation videos on the Ambit University tab of  PowerZone.

Next week, Following up with prospects and asking for a decision.

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Feb 252011

If you had started an old-fashioned business, you would’ve had to put together a complete inventory of products to sell.

Luckily, you started an Ambit business – where your inventory doesn’t require any giant storage spaces or revolving glass cases.

Your inventory is your prospect list! That’s where your success will come from, so here’s a quick refresher on making sure your prospect list is the best it can be.

  1. If you didn’t make your prospect list right away, do it right now! The more names on your list, the better.
  2. Don’t leave anyone off the list – don’t pre-judge. In fact, people who are already successful with a career are often the best prospects!
  3. This is a “living” list. Update it constantly.
  4. There are many ways to add to your list:
  • Check your phone contacts.
  • Check your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and LinkedIn connections.
  • Check friends of your friends.

When you approach a prospect on your list, but they’re not interested in the Ambit Opportunity, be sure to ask if they know anyone who might be interested. There are always ways to grow your list!

You can even build your list online. Visit PowerZone and find the “List Builder” tool in Ambit University. Use the “Memory Jogger” there to help you develop your list and make sure you talk to everybody on time.

The list doesn’t stop with you! When you sponsor a new Consultant into your organization, be sure to sit down with them as soon as possible to help them develop their list. Also, sit down with others in your organization to revisit their lists. The great thing about your business is that you really can work it as a team – which is often the key to success.

So if your list is ready, get it out and start adding to it. If you don’t have a list, what are you waiting for? Success is waiting for you!

Next week: How to start working your list!

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