Apr 282011


It’s right there in the title: Ambit Energy “Independent” Consultant.

But as we all know, one of the most important keys to success is your team. And while you rely on others to help you grow your business, it’s also your job to help them to take advantage of the Ambit Opportunity.

Some people may need a little help, others may need a lot. A few tips on working with your team members:

  • Spend your time wisely. There are only so many hours in a day — especially if you’re still working part-time. Make sure you’re giving the right amount of time to the people who need it.
  • Coach them well — and be willing to be coached as well. Your team should be full of coachable people — yourself included! Remember that even professional athletes and actors work with coaches every day.
  • Use the 5:1 ratio. Professional sports coaches and mental health professionals all agree that it’s best to give 5 compliments for every 1 criticism. We remember the “bad” more than the “good” — so the more “good” you can share, the better.
  • Build a support system. It can’t ALL be on your shoulders. Delegate to others within your organization to foster an atmosphere of teamwork.
  • Help others help themselves. We all know the “teaches a man to fish” adage. Funny thing is…it’s true!

From the bottom up, every person in your organization is important. Make sure that they all feel supported and encouraged — and as they achieve successes, you will too!

Apr 192011

Ask any top Ambit Energy Consultant, and they’ll tell you that they owe everything to their team. So it makes sense that every Consultant wants to find the best possible prospects to add to that team.

The great thing about this business is that the Ambit Opportunity is one that people from all walks of life can do — and do well. But it’s important to look for certain characteristics to find the best prospects:

  • Someone who’s already successful. If they have network marketing experience, that’s great. If not, look for people who are self-starters with business experience and an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Someone nice. Friendly, fun, charismatic people usually do very well with our Opportunity — especially if they know the difference between “persistent” and “aggressive.”
  • Someone with motivation. You know what your “Why” is. When you find people with big “WHYs” of their own — whether it’s saving for a college education, paying off debt, planning for retirement or some other reason — you know that they’ll focus on making their business a success.
  • Someone who can be a team player. Like we said at the beginning, it’s all about the team. Understanding that we all need help — and we all need to help others — is a key learning for every Ambit Consultant.

So, as you grow your business and add people to your team, look for people who fit these criteria — and you’ll all begin to succeed together!

NEXT WEEK: Your Team, Part 2: Success Through Others

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Apr 122011

1. You must make and keep a schedule. Every business must be OPEN in order to make a profit. It doesn’t matter whether you are in Network Marketing or own a McDonalds, if you don’t turn on the lights open the doors and let folks know you’re doing business, no one will show and you WILL FAIL. Set your business hours, live by them every day. Make it a habit!

2. Sponsor up – but don’t neglect anybody. Rank yourself on a scale of 1-10, then go talk to everyone who ranks higher than you, they will grow your business faster and create more success for you. If they say no right now, they’ll come in later when they see you succeed, and the additional opportunities your company provides!

3. Find people that want it for them. A quote: “The day you stop looking for acceptance and start looking for business partners is the day your business will take off.”

4. Don’t try to motivate those that cannot be motivated.(A corollary to #3 because we need it.) We can supply the tools, the system, the training the materials but we cannot supply motivation. The person happy to be sitting in the rain does not need an umbrella. The person who doesn’t wear shoes does not need a shoeshine kit. Find the people who are motivated to achieve more and provide more for themselves their families and their communities.

5. Keep it simple Try teaching someone the Gettysburgaddresses and then have him or her teach someone else who will then teach someone else. How long before it is unrecognizable? Not long! Teach them our simple system and they can replicate that.

6. Make money not excuses. You can do only one or the other. You cannot do both. Make your choice!

7. Establish why you are doing this business. Keep the focus on your why and don’t let the bumps in the road stop you dead. Establish why each of your partners is doing the business, down to the color of the upholstery, color make and model of the car. The bump in the road looms large if you get down on your knees and stare at it. Stand-up and focus on your destination and the bump disappears. The tightrope walker never looks where his feet are; he always focuses on his destination. The same is true for a mogul skier, racecar driver, jockey and anyone else striving to achieve more!

8. You must develop leaders or your business will turn upside down. How do you spot / find and develop leaders. Look for those are working! Focus on developing them as leaders and you will achieve every goal more quickly because you will have more people succeeding!

9. Your success depends on the success of your organization. Focus on supporting others on your TEAM. Build Success Units of Business Partners who each enroll new Business Partners. Teach them to do the same and you will create an organization of successful people! Zig Ziglar said: Help enough other people get what they want and you will get what you want.

10. Put great people in immediately. Don’t wait for the right time. Excitement and early success builds this business better than anything. Bring them in immediately and create an atmosphere of success that others will follow. They will serve, as role models and everyone will want to be part of your organization.

11. Get under people, not on top of them. Support, educate and help. Build people up. Lift people up show people their best side so that they see it too and share it with others. Be proud of their skills and help them conquer their fears and weaknesses.

12. Be proud of what you are doing. Question, “What do you do? Answer: I’m a Professional Networker; it works really well for me…I am part of a great Team!

Sure there are people who failed at this, but they did not have our system! There are people who failed High School. Should every kid in the USA skip high school? The opportunities are endless and our business is the businesses of helping people take charge of their lives, of regaining control of the out of control. We are network marketers!

13. Don’t Mother people. Lead by example. You can’t say the wrong thing to the right people or the right thing to the wrong people. Train leaders and let them work. A quote: “Wealth hides itself from those who must do everything themselves and exposes itself to those who have the patients to coach others.” People learn by trying. People who aren’t trying don’t need help.

To be great you have to be good first.

To be good you have to bad first.

To be bad, you have to try.

Work with the people who are trying, who are taking action and help them be more effective in their actions. Demonstrate it every day in your daily activities as you build your business.

14. Build teams, not individuals. Find a system and use it consistently with your whole team. Work in teams, get an accountability partner who you communicate with daily on your goals, what you are going to get done and then at the end of the day, let them know what you have accomplished. Hold them accountable too.

15. Develop an Attitude of Action. Stop waiting for something to happen. Every day you spend doing something that does not ultimately move you in the direction you want to go are a day wasted. Business and life are not spectator sports. Get in the game, you cannot win or advance if you’re not in the game.

Take Action!

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Apr 102011

1. Energy deregulation creates a level playing field for future industry rivalry and competition by ensuring that all companies have an equal chance to provide service to electricity consumers.  Basically deregulation means that the consumer, not the provider, will now call the shots in the electricity market.

2. Energy deregulation lowers prices for residential consumers by empowering them to choose their electricity supplier. What if your only soda option was Pepsi? If Pepsi is your thing then you’d be happy, but if you’re a fan of Coke or Dr. Pepper, you wouldn’t be happy with Pepsi as your only option would you?

3. Energy deregulation equalizes unjustifiable regional differences in electricity prices. While the average price of electricity in the U.S. is about 7 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh), it varies widely from state-to-state. This range is from about 5 cents to 10 cents per kWh. Deregulatory initiatives that are underway in many states foreshadow the benefits under nationwide deregulation.

4. Energy deregulation increases jobs and benefits local communities. Unfortunately many large utility companies that have a monopoly in their market do not want consumers to have the ability to choose alternative providers. These companies have used scare tactics, intense lobbying and outright deception to convince many local communities that deregulation will hurt them.

5. Energy deregulation benefits the environment by empowering electricity consumers to be smarter, more demanding shoppers. This means that power companies will be held to higher standards of efficiency and cleanliness. This will ensure that your community is provided with the power they want without increased pollution.

6. Energy deregulation increases service reliability. Under the regulated monopoly model, consumers cannot change to a new provider when their current provider proves unreliable. Under competitive conditions, failure in service will be met with consumer rebellion and subsequently loss of profit, which then strengthens the incentive to maintain higher standards of service.  Just as deregulation and competition in other industries have resulted in improved safety and reliability, energy markets will benefit when liberalization occurs.

Apr 102011

Energy Service Company or ESCO

Simply put, an ESCO (Energy Service Company) is a business that finances projects designed to improve the energy efficiency and maintenance costs for other companies. In general, ESCO’s act as project developers and oversee a wide range of tasks including:

  • Arranging financing for energy efficient projects.
  • Installing and maintaining the energy efficient equipment involved in the project.
  • Measuring, monitoring and confirming that the project is actually saving money.
  • Guaranteeing that the project will save the amount of money it is supposed to save.

The ESCO uses a wide range of cost-effective measures to achieve energy savings. These measures often include the use of high efficiency lighting, high efficiency heating and air conditioning and centralized systems to manage energy.

What makes ESCOs different from other companies that offer energy efficiency is the concept of performance-based contracting. When an ESCO takes on a project the company’s compensation and often the financing of the project is directly linked to the amount of energy that is actually saved.

Another very important part of energy efficiency projects is the education of the customer about their own energy use so they understand the patterns they have developed regarding how they utilize energy. This is important because the ESCO wants to develop a healthy relationship with their customers.

In addition to the financial benefits realized by ESCO customers through energy and maintenance cost savings, this growing industry has had a profound impact on the U.S. economy. New jobs have been created, within the ESCOs and through the use of independent contractors. The future for ESCOS and their customers is bright and there is an increasing global need to take advantage of and utilize energy efficiency projects on a widespread and global scale.

Apr 102011

For as long as most of us can remember, public utilities have been operated as regulated monopolies. In the last few years, state by state, those utilities have been, or are being, deregulated. What does that mean? Before energy deregulation, one company provided all aspects of your electric service–generation, sales, delivery, billing, and support. After deregulation, some or all of these components were separated. The rules differ from state to state, but generally speaking, the power plants, salesmen, retail suppliers, billing companies, and delivery companies (the ones who own the poles and wires) are no longer a single company. In some states, like Texas, those are all separate companies now. This benefits you because now you have choices. Your options are not dictated to you by one company.

Ambit Energy has stepped up to the plate, and now competes as a retail energy company. Furthermore, Ambit Energy has created a dynamic marketing plan that allows its Independent Consultants to gather customers by simply educating their family, friends, and acquaintances about the benefits of rate competition in home energy! It is called one-to-one or network marketing and we believe it is the most powerful business model ever conceived. Anyone can do it.

Apr 092011

We all know that knowledge is power but it is what you do with that knowledge and how you put it into action is what makes the difference. Customers, and potential business builders like yourself, are warming up to the idea and gaining insight that they can now switch energy service providers and save money because deregulation is happening! There is no time in history like the time we are in now to take advantage of this exciting business opportunity in Ambit Energy.
As if you really need the top five reasons to join the Ambit Opportunity, I’ll lay it out for you so it makes perfect sense for you to get started today!


  1. Perfect Timing with Ambit Energy
    • Now that the energy market has deregulated, consumers are rushing to lower prices and better choices. That excitement and change is just the beginning because energy deregulation is sweeping America. New York, Texas, and Illinois are now allowing competition for both commercial and residential customers with many other states to follow in months and years to come! Which side of the equation do you want to be on!
  2. Perfect Product with Ambit Energy
    • It is so easy to explain and show people. Everyone uses it, understands it, and can sell it. The electricity industry is a trillion dollar industry and growing! Just like electricity, natural gas is the same way. We understand it, use it, and both of them allow customers to save money and generate a monthly income! It really does not get any easier than this!
  3. Simple Business
    • It really doesn’t get much easier with Ambit Energy. Requires no inventory, no deliveries, and no customer service on your part because Ambit Energy takes care of everything for you plus more. With an experienced management team you are backed by a solid company so you can find your way to financial independence. How much easier do you want it!
  4. Flexible Schedule
    • How does work when and how you want sound? Work from your own home? Enjoy more time with your friends and family? Did you know in 2006 that home based business owners accumulated over $32 billion in sales according to the Direct Sales Association? And what is stunning about that is that almost 90% of them worked under 30 hours a week! Just like me and many of my team members, the Ambit Energy opportunity has replaced the income from their full time jobs and now are free to live a lifestyle that everyone dreams of having! Make your lifestyle Ambit!!
  5. Low Start Up Cost
    • I have been in the work from home industry for a little over two years now, and the power that Ambit Energy packs is incredible. For the price to get started it is absolutely amazing as very few ground floor opportunities combine such a small start up cost with huge earning potential with such an experienced support team! Make a change in your life today!
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Feb 272011

1. Right Company.

Say to your Prospect, “I want you to ask yourself, ‘Is the right company?’ Now, before you answer, consider these things.”

Then review the following information with your prospect:

  • Ambit Energy has experienced leadership and financial strength.
  • Jere Thompson, Jr., Co-founder and CEO
    • Family integrity, previous experience founding a rapid-growth company.
  • Chris Chambless, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer
    • Prime mover at Excel Communications, key driver in growing to $1 billion in seven years.
  • Well-established
    • Licensed to sell energy
    • Powerful systems for buying energy
  • Government bodies ensure the reliability of residential energy service:
    • Electricity Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT).
    • New York State Public Service Commission (PSC).
    • Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC).

2 Right Time.

Say to your prospect, “Now ask yourself, ‘Is it the right time?’ Before you answer, consider this.”

Review this with your Prospect:

  • Deregulation of electricity only happens once. In Texas, we’re in the first state to do it right, and in a position to roll out across the entire country. We’ve already opened in New York and Illinois, and more states are on the way.

3. Right Product.

Ask your product, “Is it the right product? Who do you know that uses electricity?”

Review this:

  • Electricity is the first bill most people pay each month.
  • Nationwide, this is a $400-Billion-dollar industry: $24 billion in Texas, $10 billion in New York and $2.4 billion in Illinois!
  • Electricity is the perfect auto-ship product!

4. Right Compensation Plan.

Ask your prospect, “Is it the right pay plan?”

Review this information:

  • It’s a coded pay plan, You get paid for what you start – for what you set in motion.
  • The 5-2-6 Building Block enables simple duplication.
  • You can build true residual income to unlimited levels.
  • It all adds up to major cash.

5. Right Systems, Tools and Support.

“Do we have the right systems, tools and support?”

Say YES before your prospect answers, the talk about these things:

  • Powerful back office: Power Zone with the Ambit University Portal
  • Numerous targeted marketing websites and our world-class team.
  • Any person with ambition can be trained and succeed quickly.
  • Using your personal Consultant website, Ambit’s business-building system and education programs, you can create success immediately following a duplicatable system.
  • Leadership from multiple, top 7-figure income earners in the industry.


  • You: “Does all of this make sense to you?”
  • Prospect: “Yes.”
  • You: “Dose that mean you’re ready to start?”
  • Prospect: “Yes.”
  • You: Get their info and sign them up!
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Feb 262011

Frequently Asked Questions about Switching Energy Providers

Here is some information I wanted to share with you. The way consumers choose energy providers is changing, and I understand that important choices like these can sometimes be confusing. I want Ambit to be an easy choice for you. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions I have personally received from people like you who are considering choosing Ambit.

What has changed in electric and natural gas service with deregulation?

You can now choose to buy residential energy from a different supplier than the original provider for your area. These companies are called Retail Electric Providers (REP) in Texas, Energy Service Companies (ESCO) in New York, and Alternative Gas Suppliers (AGS) in Illinois.

How does Ambit Energy reduce my monthly bills?

Deregulation allows REPs, ESCOs, and AGSs – like Ambit Energy – to buy energy wholesale from competitive providers and pass the savings along to customers.

If I switch, where will my energy come from?

Your current electric utility or Local Wires Company will continue to deliver your electricity. Your power will come from a regional power pool that includes energy from traditional power plants and other sources like wind, water, sun and natural gas. Your Local Distribution Company will continue to deliver your natural gas.

Will the reliability of my residential energy service change with deregulation?

No. No matter which retail supplier you choose, power will continue to be delivered safely and reliably by a company still regulated by the utility commission or agency of your state.

What happens if I have an emergency or outage?

Because your local utility is still responsible for maintenance and repair, you will call these regulated firms in the event of an emergency or outage at the number provided on your bill.

Does everyone have the option to choose their energy supplier?

No. City-owned utilities and member-owned electric and/or natural gas cooperatives have the option of giving their customers a choice of providers, or keeping things the way they are today.

What happens if my Retail Electric Provider (REP), Energy Service Company (ESCO) or Alternative Gas Supplier (AGS) goes out of business?

You will not be without energy. You should receive a notice from your retail provider giving you time to select a new provider. If not, your service will revert to your previous provider or a provider designated by the state utilities agency. Rest assured, Ambit Energy is financially solid and in no danger of going out of business.

Feb 252011

So you’ve established your list of prospects — or as we called it in last week’s Marketing 101 — your “inventory.”

And now it’s time to get that list working for you!

To get started, invite your prospects to take a look at the Ambit Opportunity and see if they might be interested in a second income stream by starting their own business.

At this point, a lot of people make a critical mistake — they call up the prospect, and begin telling him/her everything they know about Ambit. And all about energy deregulation. And customer plans. And the compensation plan. And what they had for lunch. (That’s definitely optional.)

But what happens — typically — is that the prospect gets so overwhelmed with information that it becomes hard to “see the forest for the trees.”

Remember, at this point you’re only inviting the prospect to take a look at the Opportunity — it’s likely that you may not get them to sign up on that first contact. That’s why Ambit has put together proven tools to present the Opportunity for you or supplement your own presentation: whyambitworks.com, Energy526, our DVDs and live Business Presentations.

But first, a great way to lead into the invitation is to ask your prospect these three questions:

  1. How many people do you know who use electricity or natural gas?
  2. How many of them would like to pay less — or even get their energy for free?
  3. Would it be worth 20 minutes of your time to watch a couple of videos on a website or DVD?

Once they agree to watch the presentation, make sure you set an appointment to follow up with them. Just move forward through the sales process at a pace that’s comfortable for both you and the prospect. (Don’t rush things — but don’t wait too long between contacts, either!)

For more details, be sure to watch the Invitation and Presentation videos on the Ambit University tab of  PowerZone.

Next week, Following up with prospects and asking for a decision.

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