Feb 272011

1. Right Company.

Say to your Prospect, “I want you to ask yourself, ‘Is the right company?’ Now, before you answer, consider these things.”

Then review the following information with your prospect:

  • Ambit Energy has experienced leadership and financial strength.
  • Jere Thompson, Jr., Co-founder and CEO
    • Family integrity, previous experience founding a rapid-growth company.
  • Chris Chambless, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer
    • Prime mover at Excel Communications, key driver in growing to $1 billion in seven years.
  • Well-established
    • Licensed to sell energy
    • Powerful systems for buying energy
  • Government bodies ensure the reliability of residential energy service:
    • Electricity Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT).
    • New York State Public Service Commission (PSC).
    • Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC).

2 Right Time.

Say to your prospect, “Now ask yourself, ‘Is it the right time?’ Before you answer, consider this.”

Review this with your Prospect:

  • Deregulation of electricity only happens once. In Texas, we’re in the first state to do it right, and in a position to roll out across the entire country. We’ve already opened in New York and Illinois, and more states are on the way.

3. Right Product.

Ask your product, “Is it the right product? Who do you know that uses electricity?”

Review this:

  • Electricity is the first bill most people pay each month.
  • Nationwide, this is a $400-Billion-dollar industry: $24 billion in Texas, $10 billion in New York and $2.4 billion in Illinois!
  • Electricity is the perfect auto-ship product!

4. Right Compensation Plan.

Ask your prospect, “Is it the right pay plan?”

Review this information:

  • It’s a coded pay plan, You get paid for what you start – for what you set in motion.
  • The 5-2-6 Building Block enables simple duplication.
  • You can build true residual income to unlimited levels.
  • It all adds up to major cash.

5. Right Systems, Tools and Support.

“Do we have the right systems, tools and support?”

Say YES before your prospect answers, the talk about these things:

  • Powerful back office: Power Zone with the Ambit University Portal
  • Numerous targeted marketing websites and our world-class team.
  • Any person with ambition can be trained and succeed quickly.
  • Using your personal Consultant website, Ambit’s business-building system and education programs, you can create success immediately following a duplicatable system.
  • Leadership from multiple, top 7-figure income earners in the industry.


  • You: “Does all of this make sense to you?”
  • Prospect: “Yes.”
  • You: “Dose that mean you’re ready to start?”
  • Prospect: “Yes.”
  • You: Get their info and sign them up!
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