Feb 252011

So you’ve established your list of prospects — or as we called it in last week’s Marketing 101 — your “inventory.”

And now it’s time to get that list working for you!

To get started, invite your prospects to take a look at the Ambit Opportunity and see if they might be interested in a second income stream by starting their own business.

At this point, a lot of people make a critical mistake — they call up the prospect, and begin telling him/her everything they know about Ambit. And all about energy deregulation. And customer plans. And the compensation plan. And what they had for lunch. (That’s definitely optional.)

But what happens — typically — is that the prospect gets so overwhelmed with information that it becomes hard to “see the forest for the trees.”

Remember, at this point you’re only inviting the prospect to take a look at the Opportunity — it’s likely that you may not get them to sign up on that first contact. That’s why Ambit has put together proven tools to present the Opportunity for you or supplement your own presentation: whyambitworks.com, Energy526, our DVDs and live Business Presentations.

But first, a great way to lead into the invitation is to ask your prospect these three questions:

  1. How many people do you know who use electricity or natural gas?
  2. How many of them would like to pay less — or even get their energy for free?
  3. Would it be worth 20 minutes of your time to watch a couple of videos on a website or DVD?

Once they agree to watch the presentation, make sure you set an appointment to follow up with them. Just move forward through the sales process at a pace that’s comfortable for both you and the prospect. (Don’t rush things — but don’t wait too long between contacts, either!)

For more details, be sure to watch the Invitation and Presentation videos on the Ambit University tab of  PowerZone.

Next week, Following up with prospects and asking for a decision.

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