Feb 102011

Hello! Ambit Power Team Leaders:

I have sent the following message to your downline, it is very important to put an Ambit bonus check into their hands ASAP so that they can see and feel this fast growing energy market with the faster growing private company in America.

If you want to get more than regular pay then help them to enroll 5 household customers into their website within 28 days and ensure that their customers are on the PENDING status. If you just want regular jump start bonus pay of $100 then encourage them to enroll 3 qualify household customers. Your new consultant is like your new born child, if you don’t teach them how to live then they will die, they either make money or lose money. “Words can motivate people but money can move people.”


Congratulation on your decision to take control of your financial future. Statistically speaking, 95% of US population working hard in their life time to make 5% of people to become rich. The difference is that those 5% of rich people own business and the other 95% of working people own jobs. Now you have the power to change your financial future because you now own your Ambit Energy Business. You just need to set goals, stay focus, work hard and be persistence for the next 3 to 5 years to turn your dream into reality and become one of those 5% of rich people.

If you joined Ambit Energy as a new consultant for less than 28 days, you just need to enroll 3 new customers and help them to call 1-800-506-3151 to get their accounts verify so that you could receive your first Ambit regular bonus check. If you need help, feel free to call your sponsor or the Ambit Consultant Hotline 1-877-302-6248 for assistance.

Congratulation on your decision and welcome to the Ambit Power Team! Just remember that success belong to those who want it and willing to work hard for it. Success is a choice; it is not destiny or luck.

I hope to see you not just on the top but over the top in Ambit Energy.

“Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t.”

~Jerry Rice

Help them is like helping yourself

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