Feb 102011

Hello! Ambit Power Team:

Business opportunity such as Ambit Energy might only happen to you once in lifetime. This business is really about going out and finding, recruiting, and training really great leaders. Network marketing is simple, but not easy. It is not easy because it involves dealing with people. Any time you are dealing with people, you are going to have challenges. The soul of network marketing is in the relationships between the people that comprise the essence of the business. Though you may attract a prospect on the Internet, you will still need to build the relationship in person or on the telephone. Those who will make a lot of money in network marketing today and in the future are the people who are willing to build community and leadership within their organizations. That is not an easy job. However, how easy is it to go to work every day for 30 to 40 years or more? You will always get what you get if you continue to do what you do. You cannot give something that you don’t have to your downline therefore learn, recruit and train like those top leaders in Ambit.

There are many important choices need to be make in life and you just made one of them recently by joining Ambit Energy; this fast growing marketing vehicle could help you and your family to achieve financial and time freedom within three to five years if you are willing to work hard and work smart by following these 12 SUCCESS STEPS:

  1. Read and watch everything that you could click in your Ambit power zone
  2. Calls and Join the weekly Ambit Power Team conference call to recharge
  3. Enroll 3 to 5 customers into your personal website within 24 to 72 hours
  4. Help and ask your new customers to call the TPV 1-800-506-3151 right away
  5. personally sponsor at least 2 consultants within 1 week through your website
  6. Get you promoted to the RC leadership level within 1 to 2 weeks
  7. Weekly write down 30 friend and relative names with contact information
  8. Expose Ambit Biz to 5 suspects daily through phone, email, DVD, face to face.
  9. Attend 2 Ambit Business Presentations weekly with prospects and/or consultants
  10. Call 6 of your active consultants, customers, prospects daily to follow-up
  11. Help all your downlines get their first jump start bonus check within 28 days
  12. Help your entire MC to get promoted to the RC leadership level “ASAP”

If you stay focus and put these 12 success steps into practice for the next 12 months starting today, you will see residual income check keep coming into your bank account week after week. You could work part-time and get full-time pay but I just want to remind you that SUCCESS is a CHOICE, not destiny nor luck; your are the CEO & President of your Ambit Energy Business, you could either Make Money or Make Excuses but you cannot Make Both.

If you have any question regarding your Ambit Energy Business, feel free to contact your sponsor or call the Ambit Consultant Support Hotline 1-877-302-6248 for assistance.

“Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t.”

~Jerry Rice

12 Steps that change our future ( pdf )

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